Geico Insurance Commercial: Brooklyn Bridge

Artist: Crown Loyal
Song: You Can’t Stop Me
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As of the time of this post, this song isn’t available on iTunes, BUT I have good news for you. Here is the link where you can get the mp3 for the song in the Geico Commercial.

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Geico Commercial Description

2011 tv commercial for Geico insurance featuring the Geico Gecko walking down the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. While he walks he says:

“You wanna save money on car insurance. You wanna save money on RV insurance. No problem. You wanna save money on motorcycle insurance. No problem. You wanna face to park them, FORGET ABOUT IT, this is New York.”

Person on a bike drives by and says: “Hey little guy whats up?”

Geico Gecko says: “Oh come off it mate.”

Song Lyrics Used

Can’t stop me, no you can’t stop me

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