Fruit of the Loom – Floating

Song in Fruit Of The Loom Commercial by Mindy Gledhill

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Artist: Mindy Gledhill
Song in Commercial: Bring Me Close

Mindy Gledhill

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Fruit of the Loom Commercial Description

2012 commercial for Fruit of the Loom  underwear during the Olympics features a night scene with a woman appearing to float in the night sky in her underwear. She appears to be floating, yet she is just jumping on a trampoline while a very tranquil song with a beautiful female singing voice is playing.

More About Artist & Song in Commercial

So who sings the song? Her name is Mindy Gledhill. She is an indie folk artist. You should check her out, and if you like her you can actually drop a comment on her Youtube page. Because she appears to read them, and respond. That kind of interaction is a pretty cool thing. Now the song “Bring Me Close” was actually writen specifically for the Fruit of the Looom commercial. When she was asked to write the song, the company asked that it sound similar to her song “Anchor”, and it definitely does sound similar. So if you like “Bring Me Close”, you should definitely check out “Anchor”, it’s a gorgeous. I will post videos of both songs below.

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