Ford Fiesta Commercial 2011 – Pretty Big Deal

Artist: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Song In Commercial: Janglin

Janglin - Up From Below (Deluxe Edition)

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Ford Fiesta Commercial Description

2011 Ford Fiesta commercial is the first of the Ford “Pretty Big Deal” campaign to reintroduce the Ford Fiesta car to consumers. This is a fun circus-like commercial with a great, catchy little jingle. The commercial starts out with a green 2011 Ford Fiesta, a couple sits inside.

Girl: No keys?
Guy: Nope. Watch this.

He pushes the “start” button on the car, and we see an airplane overhead dropping parachutes, acrobats coming down from the buildings and we pan to a big festive sign in the street that says “The New Fiesta Is Here”. and “40 Mpg” and unicyclers holding umbrellas that spell out “Hand Free”. The a parachute drops down in front of the car that says “The New Ford Fiesta”.

Guy: It’s a pretty big deal.

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