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Artist: Funkadelic
Song: Can You Get to That

Can You Get to That - Maggot Brain

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More About Artist & Song

The song used in this commercial is by the funk band Funkadelic. Funkadelic are considered to be sister acts with the group Parliament, both led by George Clinton. This song is actually one of my favorite Funkadelic songs, off of my favorite album of theirs: Maggot Brain. However, it’s my least favorite album title, but that’s another story.

I always wondered if a particular line of this song was inspired by a Beatles line from the album Rubber Soul. In the Beatles song “Norwegian Wood”, it starts with the line “I once had a girl, or rather, she had me”. The opening line of “Can You Get To There” starts with the line “I once had a life, or rather life had me”, except the Funkadelic version is way funkier.

Foot Locker Ad Description

2012 Foot Locker commercial featuring some guys getting together on an outdoor basketball court in an urban area. They shovel the snow off of the court and make a snowman in front of one of the basketball goals. After that, guys start doing slam dunks while jumping over the snowman. They then tear it down, and build the snowman bigger. Of course the guys are all decked out in basketball gear that they bought at Foot Locker.

Voiceover Says

Ball players, runners and everyone in between. It’s gonna be epic. February at Foot Locker. Hottest month ever.

Text on Screen

What’s not to love about February?
February at Foot Locker
Hottest Month Ever

Song Lyrics Used

I once had a life, or rather
Life had me
Can you get (I wanna know)
I want to know if you can get to that

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