Fiat 500 Commercial Feat. Jennifer Lopez In The Bronx

Artist: Jennifer Lopez
Song In Commercial: Until It Beats No More

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Fiat 500 Commercial Description

TV commercial for the 2012 Fiat 500 features Jennifer Lopez driving in a white Fiat 500 car through the streets of The Bronx in New York. I’m sure she does this all of the time, except she’d be in a limo, with her entourage, and not in The Bronx.

Text On Screen Says
Life is best when driven.

Jennifer Lopez Voiceover Says
Here….. this is my world. This place inspires me. To be tougher, to stay sharper, to think faster. They may be just streets to you, but to me, they’re a playground.

Song Lyrics Used

Whatever you want me to
I’m gonna see you through
All I ever do
Never stop loving you
Cause I’m alive, I can breathe, I can feel, I believe
And there ain’t no doubt about it, there ain’t no doubt about it
I’m in love
And it’s all because of you
I was fading but you pulled me through

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