Fanta Soft Drink – More Fanta Less Serious

Artist: Briana Nadeau
Song: I Throw My Hands Up

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Fanta Commercial Description

2011 cute animated ad for Fanta Soda showing a girl looking through an orange Fanta bottle and seeing a “Less Serious” world. Every appears to be having more fun. Orange slices as hamburger buns, flying oranges instead of frisbees, flower blossom that has petals made of orange peels.

Tagline Says: More Fanta. Less Serious.

If you saw this ad, you likely saw it before a movie preview at a theatre. As of the time of this posting, this song isn’t available for purchase.

Lyrics Used In Fanta Ad

I’m looking round and I’m liking what I see
Everybody’s coming round
dancing next to me

Feels so good when I’m turning it up
I throw my hands up!

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