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The song in the Dior tv commercial is “Enjoy The Silence” by Depeche Mode.

Artist: Depeche Mode
Song: Enjoy the Silence

Enjoy the Silence - Violator (Remastered) [Bonus Track Version]

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Dior TV Ad Description

2012 commercial for the Dior fashion line. The title of this film is called “Secret Garden-Versailles”. It’s a beautifully filmed ad, shot in La Galeries Des Glaces in Versailles France. We see various shots of models, doing “modelly” things, quick cuts of them walking through the gallery and only their Dior outfits are changing. The models who are featured in the ad are Russian model Daria Strokous, Melissa Stasiuk and Xiao Wen Ju. One of the final shots is a wide shot of the models outside standing in the gardens.

More About Artist & Song

Enjoy The Silence” is a song recorded by Depeche Mode and released in 1990. I remember when this song came out, and they played it on the radio all of the time, back when people listened to the radio. No matter how much it was overplayed, I never got tired of it, and still to this day, I’m always happy to hear this song. This is probably the best known song by the band, with the exception of “Personal Jesus“.

It was originally conceived as slow tempo ballad by the song’s writer, Martin Gore. The original demo recording even featured a harmonium (basically a big organ). Bandmade Alan Wilder saw potential and tweaked the song into something with a the upbeat tempo we know today. The original vision of the song was eventually later released and known as the “Harmonium Version“. We will link to that version of the song at the bottom, just for kicks.

Here is the remastered music video for the song “Enjoy The Silence” by Depeche Mode:

And here is the originally conceived version of the song, also known as the “Harmonium Version”.

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