Diet Dr Pepper "I Exist" Commercial

Artist: Huey Lewis and the News
Song: Do You Believe In Love


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Ad Description

A group of animated character sits in an “I Exist” support group.  All the childhood characters are present.  Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, Big foot,  and the Diet Dr Pepper characters are sitting in the group.  The Diet Dr Pepper character is saying that people don’t believe in the better taste of diet dr pepper.  The other characters are giving the Diet dr pepper character a hard time when the Easter bunny tries Diet dr pepper and loves it.

Santa Claus:
I mean you bust your hump down the chimney and you stuff the stockings over and over and over.
Diet Dr Pepper Guy:
Aahh people still don’t believe.
Big Foot:
Santa Claus:
Well what do you know about it new guy.
Diet Dr Pepper Guy:
Diet dr pepper has 23 satisfying flavors and no calories.
Easter bunny:
Yeah right give me that.  
The easter bunny takes a drink of diet dr pepper
Easter Bunny:
Sweet chocolate candy marshmellow jelly bean.  That is good!
Santa Claus:
So you want people to believe there’s a satisfying diet drink?
Diet Dr Pepper Guy:
Santa Claus:
Well good luck with that one
Everyone bursts into laughter.

Lyrics Used in Commercial

Do you believe in love

Ad Copy
Unbelievable Satisfying

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