Diet Coke Commercial – 2011 Fashion Studio

Artist: Panic! At the Disco
Song in Commercial: Ready to Go

Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind) - Vices & Virtues

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Diet Coke Commercial Description

2011 Diet Coke Commercial set in a fashion design studio. We see two women in this studio. One of the women, who happens to be fashion designer Vena Cava, is working on a yellow dress that is hanging on a mannequin. Behind Vena Cava is a can of Diet Coke. She sips a drink of Diet Coke and takes a look at her dress. She sets the Coke down and resumes working on the dress. The makers of the commercial are trying to imply that the Diet Coke may have had a part of inspiring her.

Text On Screen Says
Another word for ambition is thirst.
Stay Extraordinary
Diet Coke

Song Lyrics Used
Uh Uh Oh EEh Oh Oh
Uh Uh Oh EEh Oh Oh

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