Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt Super Bowl Commercial

Artist: John Butler Trio
Song in Commercial: Zebra

Zebra - Sunrise Over Sea

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More About Artist & Song in Commercial

Song In Dannon Commercial "Zebra"

If you’re not familiar with The John Butler Trio, and you like funky, eclectic, rootsy jam bands, you should check them out. Their whole catalog is on Rdio right now, and I’m listening to them as I speak and their music has always made me want to dance like a dirty hippy at a music festival.

The band hails from Austrailia, and the song “Zebra”, that is featured in this commercial won “Song Of The Year” in the APRA awards, which is the Australian version of the Grammy’s. Lyrically, the song is about opposites. Like a Zebra with black and white stripes, he sings lines like “I can be alive, man, or be the walking dead”.

Dannon Commercial Description

2012 Super Bowl commercial for Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt featuring John Stamos, who is actually Greek and his last name is Stamatopoulos. We see Stamos and a woman sitting in a kitchen together, and he keeps eating her Greek Yogurt. He starts to feed it to her, then pulls the spoonful away and eats it himself. She then grabs Stamos by the arm and does what every woman would do in that situation, she head butted John Stamos and knocked him to the ground. She then proceeds to eat the yogurt.

Voiceover Says

Oikos Greek Yogurt. Possibly the best yogurt in the world.

Text On Screen

Possibly the best yogurt in the world. Also try Stonyfield organic Oikos Greek yogurt.

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