Corona Extra Commercial – Band on a Beach

The song in the Corona Beer commercial is called "Let Go" by Everest.

The song in the Corona Beer commercial is called “Let Go” by Everest.

Artist: Everest
Song: Let Go

Let Go - On Approach

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Corona Commercial Description

2012 tv commercial for Corona beer. The official company title for this commercial is “Spotlight”. It starts out with a man and two women sitting on a tree limb on the beach at night, watching a band perform. The singer says “How you guys doing tonight?” And we see a crowd shot of the audience cheering, the three people from the first scene are actually in a club with a crowd. The band, Everest, start playing a song. Then we see a shot of the three people drinking Corona, and they’re suddenly watching the band perform on the beach again.

What is the band in the Corona Commercial?

I’ve had about 8 million email requests about this one. The band is named “Everest”.

More About Artist & Song

Everest is a band from Los Angeles who were formed sometime around 2007. They have a hell of a resume as far as bands they’ve opened for on tour. They’ve opened for the likes of Wilco, Neil Young, and My Morning Jacket. If you like those three bands, there is a very good chance you will like Everest. In fact, the first time I heard a song by Everest, I thought it was a new My Morning Jacket song. In 2010, they released their second album on Vapor Records, which is Neil Young’s record label.

Here is the official music video for the song “Let Go” from the Corona tv ad:

Song Lyrics Used

I know we’re gonna make it tonight
Tomorrow will be alright
Let go

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