Chevy Sonic Super Bowl Commercial – 2012 Bug Joy

Artist: Art Brut
Song in Chevy Commercial: Bang Bang Rock & Roll

Bang Bang Rock & Roll - Bang Bang Rock & Roll (Bonus Track Version)Song in Commercial - Art Brut

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More About Artist & Song in Chevy Commercial

Art Brut is an English indie rock band formed in 2003. Their name comes from an actual art term. The term “Art Brut” is a term that describes outsider art, art by mentally ill people, prisoners, loners, and other marginalized people that aren’t running around in art circles. When I first listened to this band on Rdio, they reminded me of the Pixies. I later learned that Frank Black of the Pixies is a big fan of the band and has produced two of Art Brut’s albums. If you’ve played the video game “Saints Row”, you probably have heard this song used in the game.

At the bottom of the page, look for a live version of the song from the Chevy Sonic commercial “Bang Bang Rock & Roll”.

Chevy Commercial Description

2012 Super Bowl commercial for the Chevy Sonic starts out with various bugs, a bee, spider, praying mantis, and ants all crawling on the grill on the front of a red Chevy Sonic car. As they are taking off, the praying mantis asks, “Did everyone remember to go pee-pee?” While the car is driving down the highway, all of the bugs are shouting gleefully, suddenly a bug smashes into the grill of the car. One of the bugs say “Right in the thorax!” Luckily the bug is okay, he had a helmet on and seems to enjoy the rush.

Chevy Commercial Voiceover Says

From zero to…. Chevy runs deep

Text on Screen

Chevy Runs Deep

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