Chevy Sonic Commercial: Skateboard Milk Run

Artist: Theophilus London
Song in Chevy Commercial: All Around the World

All Around the World - Timez Are Weird These Days

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Chevy Commercial Description

2013 Chevy Sonic car commercial featuring Theophilus London. He skateboards to the fridge to realize he is out of milk. So he hops in his Chevy Sonic car and drives to the store. What makes this drive different though, is that the Chevy Sonic is being driven like it’s a skateboard, including doing skateboard tricks. This is a pretty fun commercial.

More About Artist & Chevy Commercial Song

Theophilus London is a rapper/hip-hop artist from Brooklyn. He was born in Trinidad. The song is from his debut album “Timez Are Weird These Days” from 2011. And because I know that’s what you’re probably here for, I found the music video for you:

Song Lyrics in Chevy Commercial

All around the world
Everybody’s singing along
Never lookin back, it’s a long, long way from my home
Uh, this feels so good right now
You’re now listenin’ to the world renowned international
We are back and makin’ music like it’s nineteen sixty four

Text Used in Chevy Commercial

Sonic is not a skateboard. Do not attempt.
Sonic is still not a skateboard. Do not attempt.
Chevrolet Sonic
Find new Roads

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