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Artist: Iron & Wine
Song In Chevy Commercial: Our Each Coming Night

Our Endless Numbered Days - Iron & Wine

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Chevy Sonic Commercial Description

2012 commercial for the Chevy Sonic car. You may remember another ad from the “Young And Fun” Chevy Sonic series featuring the song “We Are Young” by the band Fun. That commercial is still one of the most popular posts we’ve ever had on our site. Chevy is continuing the nostalgia for youth campaign with this ad featuring a group of four teenagers getting out of their Chevy Sonic and stripping down to their underwear at night and sprinting to the lake to have a nighttime swim together. After quick shots of them swimming, they all run back to the car, and as they stand outside the car, we can see that the keys have been left inside. It may seem like they’re out of luck, but the driver pulls his iPhone out of his pocket and uses that to unlock the car door. Everybody gets in the car and they drive off.

Here is the way I think of this ad campaign. Lots of times, marketers use different age groups that certain demographics envy to sell to that demographic. For example. These are 18 year old kids, at oldest. Chevrolet isn’t trying to market their cars to broke college kids. They’re trying to market to mid-twentysomethings and older, who feel a sense of nostalgia and almost envy at these kids in the ads. These are the people that don’t get to have nights like this for the most part, and they can actually afford the car. It’s sort of like when you see advertising for kids toys.

If you see a 10 year old in the commercial playing with the toy, it means the advertisers are actually marketing to 7 year olds. The 7 year olds see the big kids playing with a toy and then they want one. It’s a form of aspirational advertising and we can find it over every demographic. It’s not bad thing, but something I’ve always found interesting. If you have any examples you can think of, let me know in the comments.

About Artist & Song in Chevy Commercial

When I think of Iron & Wine, the first thing that comes to mind is giant beards. Iron & Wine is actually just one guy, singer songwriter Samuel Beam, and he has a fantastic giant beard. I’m jealous of it. The name came from a dietary supplement called “Iron & Wine” that he found in a general store. My first encounter with Iron & Wine came in 2002 when he covered the song by The Postal Service “Such Great Heights”. If you’re not familiar with it, find it on youtube, it’s fantastic.

The song from the commercial, “Each Coming Night”, was featured on Iron & Wine’s 2004 album “Our Endless Numbered Days“. This was his first album produced in an actual studio. Prior to this album, all of his songs had been produced on a four-track mixer at his house. This is my favorite Iron & Wine record and definitely worth checking out. Here is the full length version of the song on Youtube:

Song Lyrics Used in Chevy Commercial

Will you say when I’m gone away
“My lover came to me and we’d lay
In rooms unfamiliar but until now”

Voiceover Says

The all new Chevy Sonic. With the My Cherolet app. From close call, to best night ever. Chevy runs deep.

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