Chevrolet Equinox Scavenger Hunt Car Commercial

Artist: Sara Melson
Song in Commercial: Anywhere Anytime


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Chevy Equinox Commercial Description

2010 Chevy Equinox TV commercial, features two kids see a yellow balloon that has a message written on it.  It says look in the glove box.  They are being sent on a scavenger hunt.  They find an etch a sketch in the glove box that sends them to the trunk.  They then find a note that says where do gummy bears hide.  One of the kids say under the seats.  They find some movies and then get in the car and call their dad on speaker phone.

Look in the glove box
Where do gummy bears hide
Under the seats
Look. Yeah
Guess who
Have a good trip
OK Daddy

Announcer Says:
THe consumers digest best buy with up to 600 highway miles on a tank of gas.  It takes you farther and brings you closer.

Lyrics Used In Commercial

Home to me is by your side

Ad Copy

Consumers Digest Best Buy
600 HWY miles on a tank of gas
Chevy Equinox

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