Chevrolet Cruze Commercial – Proven 2011

Artist: Janelle Monáe
Song in Commercial: Tightrope

Tightrope (feat. Big Boi) - The ArchAndroid (Deluxe)

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Chevrolet Cruze Commercial Description

Chevy Cruze commercial featuring Janelle Mone

Canadian commercial for the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze car. The commercial starts out showing quick flashes of closeup shots of a red Chevrolet Cruze parked at the side of the street. We then see it driving down the street through an alleyway. Then a shot of an iPod plugged into the stereo of the car. We see a kangaroo crossing sign, cute people in the backseat of the car taking a camera phone photo. After this, we see the Chevrolet Cruze in various places on a road trip.

One thing that is interesting about this commercial is in the comments of Youtube. The majority of comments related to this Chevy commercial are about what is at 41 seconds. There is a girl in a bikini with, shall I say, impressive assets. She is in the commercial for half of a second, but most of the comments are about her. I’m sure the people who made the Chevrolet Cruze commercial knew what they were doing.

Voiceover Says
It’s here, the all new Chevrolet Cruze. Most fuel efficient car in it’s class. But that’s just part of the story, here’s the rest. 6 million grueling text kilometers, every continent. Every landscape. Peaks valleys and all of the roads in between. One of the most crash tested cars in our history. Ranked auto best 2010 by European journalists, car of the year in India. The world touring championship in Great Britain, Italy, Germany and Brazil. That’s the other half, the rural proving one. Together, they tell a big story for a compact car. Introducing the all new Chevrolet Cruze. Best in class fuel efficiency, ten standard air bags, best coverage in Canada. Don’t just drive, Cruze.

Text on Screen
Best in class fuel efficiency
10 standard air bags
best coverage in Canada
Don’t just drive


Song Lyrics Used in Commercial

Another dayI take your pain away

Some people talk about ya
Like they know all about ya
When you get down they doubt ya
And when you tippin on the scene
Yeah they talkin’ bout it
Cause they can’t tip all on the scene with yaTalk about it
T-t-t-talk bout it
When you get elevated,
They love it or they hate it
You dance up on them haters
Keep getting funky on the scene
While they jumpin’ round ya
They trying to take all your dreamsBut you can’t allow it

Cause baby whether you’re high or lowWhether you’re high or low
You gotta tip on the tightrope
T-t-t-tip on the tightrope

Whether you’re high or lowBaby whether you’re high or low
You got to tip on the tightrope
Now let me see you do the tightropeAnd I’m still tippin’ on it

See I’m not walkin’ on it
Or tryin to run around it

More About Artist & Song In Commercial

Oh man, I absolutely love this song. I wasn’t familiar with Janelle Monáe until I saw this commercial. I checked out her whole album, The ArchAndroid on Rdio earlier, and it’s a great album. Definitely worth listening to. It’s a 70 minute, super ambitious, sci-fi concept album that gracefully bounces between generes.  She was originally discovered by Outkast’s Big Boi in Atlanta. She was singing with a band in a club. Big Boi had Sean “Puffy” Combs listen to her music on her Myspace page and was blown away. He signed her to his record label Bad Boy Records.

Here is the music video for the song “Tightrope” featuring Big Boi:

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