Cheeto’s Mighty Zingers Commercial

Artist: REO Speedwagon
Song: Can’t Fight This Feeling

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Ad Description

A group of men are locked in glass rooms in a lab type environment.  There are 3 different glass rooms and each group is trying their own approach at catching the flying zingers which are floating around the room evading the men.  In one room a man has a series of speakers set up and starts playing the song Can’t fight this feeling anymore and the flying cheetos stop and start falling to the ground.  He sits back in his chair and opens his mouth to catch as many as he can and begins chewing.  An asian man and the cheetos character are watching all the men from a different room.

The Cheetos Cheetah says:
I think we finally found their weakness Mr. Lee    
New Cheetos Mighty Zingers.  Love the flavor.  Fear the bite.

Lyrics Used in Commercial

And I can’t fight this feeling anymore
I’ve forgotten what I started fighting for
It’s time to take this ship in to the shore

Ad Copy (text)

Chopstick test
Vacuum test
Audio Test
New Cheetos Mighty Zingers

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