internet explorer commercial

Microsoft Internet Explorer Commercial – Perfect For Touch

Artist: Tilly & the Wall
Song in Internet Explorer Commercial: Pot Kettle Black

2013 Internet Explorer commercial featuring hands doing various things on a tablet computer with IE10.

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Microsoft Windows 8 – Work Play Create Celebrate

Song in Commercial: Eyes
Artist: Peter Bjorn and John

2012 commercial for Microsoft Windows 8. Showing off the snazzy bells and whistles that you can use with their touch interface.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer Commercial – More Beautiful Web

Artist: Alex Clare
Song: Too Close

2012 commercial for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 showing different ways that IE9 makes the web “more beautiful”.

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Bing Commercial Song – 2012 Bobby Brown Skiing

Artist: Wiz Khalifa
Bing Commercial Song: Boarding Pass

2012 Bing search engine commercial featuring freestyle skier Bobby Brown. He’s doing a lot of crazy jumps, which apparently Bing helps him do these things…….

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Bing Commercial Song 2011: Decide To Do Something

Artist: Lykke Li
Bing Commercial Song: Dance, Dance, Dance

2011 commercial for featuring the singer Lykke Li. The ad shows a bunch of good looking people getting together to fix up the outside of a house…..

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