Volkswagen Beetle Commercial 2011: High Fives

Artist: Shirley Ellis
Song: The Clapping Song

Commercial for the new 2012 Volkswagen Beetle. Apparently if you drive one of these, everyone will want to high five you!

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Volkswagen Passat Commercial 2012: Life In The Express Lane

Artist: The Cramps Song: I’m Cramped More Volkswagen Car Commercials VW Commercial Description Commercial for the 2012 Volkswagen Passat features a kid in one of those shopping carts that is also a toy car. The ad shows him from his point of view. His mom is driving him through obstacles in the grocery stores, like […]

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Volkswagen Passat Commercial 2012: That’s What He Says?

Artist: Elton John Song: Rocket Man More Volkswagen Car Commercials VW Commercial Description 2012 Volkswagen Passat Car ad features different people singing along to the Elton John song Rocketman, except they are misunderstanding the lyrics and singing with the wrong words. First guy, stocking groceries sings: “Burning up this useless telephone” Second guy on a […]

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2007 Volkswagen EOS Car Commercial "Sweet Air"

Artist: Wilco Song: Sky Blue Sky More Volkswagen Commercialss Ad Description A couple driving their 2007 Volkswagen EOS puts the convertible top down, then leaves a wedding.  He turns on the AC for himself and the heater for the girl.  They make silly faces and drive off. Voiceover says: You could be warm, you could […]

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2008 Volkswagen Rabbit Car Commercial “The Thanks I Get”

Song: The Thanks I Get Artist: Wilco More Volkswagen Car Commercialss Commercial Description Two guys are test driving a 2008 Volkswagen Rabbit. When they discover the iPod input jack, Wilco’s “The Thanks I Get” starts playing loudly, drowning out the car salesperson in the back. Customer asks: So whats the rabbit got that the civic […]

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