Chevy Sonic Super Bowl Commercial – 2012 Bug Joy

Artist: Art Brut
Song in Chevy Commercial: Bang Bang Rock & Roll

2012 Chevy Sonic Super Bowl commercial featuring a bunch of bugs going on a joy ride on the grill of a Chevy Sonic……

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Chevy Sonic Super Bowl Commercial – 2012 Stunts

Artist: fun.
Song in Commercial: We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe)

2012 Chevy Sonic commercial featuring professional drivers doing ridiculous stunts in a Chevy Sonic car including a skydiving car, jumping the car on a ramp, and car bungee jumping…..

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Chevy Sonic Car Commercial- Young & Fun Scenes 2012

Artist: Fun
Song in Chevy Sonic Commercial: We Are Young

2012 song for the Chevy Sonic featuring the song We Are Young by the band Fun. This commercial is basically a montage of attractive young people having fun and living life to the fullest……

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Chevrolet Cruze Commercial – Proven 2011

Artist: Janelle Monáe
Song in Commercial: Tightrope

Commercial for the 2011 Chevrolet Cruz car. This ad has a great song by Janelle Monae. We see clips of a Chevrolet Cruze driving in different places all over the world……

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Chevrolet First 100 Years Commercial

Artist: Ray Charles Song In Commercial: America the Beautiful More Chevrolet Commercials Chevrolet Commercial Description 2011 commercial for Chevrolet, where someone is holding up an old photograph of a Chevrolet car in front of a place in America and matching the scene up with the photo. It’s a pretty cool commercial actually. Voiceover Says: For […]

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