Bing Commercial Song – 2012 Bobby Brown Skiing

Artist: Wiz Khalifa
Bing Commercial Song: Boarding Pass

2012 Bing search engine commercial featuring freestyle skier Bobby Brown. He’s doing a lot of crazy jumps, which apparently Bing helps him do these things…….

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Bing Commercial Song 2011: Decide To Do Something

Artist: Lykke Li
Bing Commercial Song: Dance, Dance, Dance

2011 commercial for featuring the singer Lykke Li. The ad shows a bunch of good looking people getting together to fix up the outside of a house…..

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Microsoft Bing: Search Overload Syndrome "Traffic Jam" Ad

Artist: Freak Nasty
Bing Commercial Song: Da’ Dip

Bing commercial from 2011 showing a traffic jam related to search overload. Bing Commercial Song: Da Dip by Freak Nasty

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