Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum – Secret Passage

When The Guns Come Out - Album Cover-

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Artist: Hanni El Khatib
Song: You Rascal You

You Rascal You - Will the Guns Come Out

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Captain Morgan Ad Description

2012 commercial for Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum, features the semi-fictional character Captain Morgan yet again. It’s 1661 at Port Royal and the good Captain is at a stuffy dance. There’s a beautiful woman who doesn’t appear to be having a very good time, until she runs into Captain Morgan. They lock hands and eyes, he takes her away and through a secret passage, down some stairs, and through yet another secret passage. There they sit with a much more interesting crowd of what would probably be considered scoundrels at the time. And of course, everybody is drinking spiced rum.

More About Song & Artist

Oh man, does this ever sound like the White Stripes, am I right? Well one thing I can say, I was surprised that a singer named Hanni El Khatib sounds like that. He’s actually an interesting guy, part Filipino and part Palestinian but a San Francisco native. He was working as a creative director at a skateboarding clothing line while he worked on music on the side. He’s played at South By Southwest, Bonnaroo, and has been on tour supporting Florence And The Machine. El Khatib recently announced that his upcoming album is going to be produced by Dan Auerbach, who’s from a little band called The Black Keys. If you don’t happen to be familiar with them, just know that they have a very similar sound. I’ll be looking forward to that album.

Here is the official music video for the song “You Rascal You” by Hanni El Khatib.

Song Lyrics Used

I trust you in my home you rascal you
Said I trust you in my home you rascal you
You know I trust you in my home
You wouldn’t leave my wife alone
I’ll be glad when you dead you rascal you

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