Call Of Duty: Black Ops XBOX 360 "Won't Back Down"

Artist: Eminem featuring Pink

Song: Won’t Back Down

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Commercial Description

TV Commercial for promoting the November 2010 release of Call of Duty: Black Ops for the XBOX 360 shows various battle scenes throughout the video game.

Ad Copy

A Treyarch Production
Call of Duty Black Ops

Lyrics Used In Commercial

You can sound the alarm
You can call out your guards
But I wont back down
Oh no I wont back down
Oh no

Cadillacs, Coupe Devilles
Brain dead rims yeah stupid wheels
Girl Im too for real
Lose your tooth and nails
Try to fight it, try to deny it
Stupid you will feel
What I do, I do it well
Shooting from the hip, yeah boy shoot to kill

Whats they saying? wheres thunder theres light
And they say that it never strikes twice in the same place
Then how the fuck have I been hit six times
In three different locations
On four separate occasions?
And you can bet your stanking ass
That Ive come to smash everything in my path
Fork was in the road took the psychopath
Poison ivy wouldnt have me thinking rash

Oh no I wont back down
Oh no

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