Cadillac ATS Car Commercial – 2012 Olympics Ad

Song in Cadillac Commercial - by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs- on

Check out the song “Phenomena” from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’s album “Show Your Bones” on

Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Song in Commercial: Phenomena

Phenomena - Show Your Bones

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Commercial for the 2013 Cadillac ATS, this is the ad featured during the 2012 Summer Olympic games. 3 people are in the Morracan Sahara desert, riding camels. We then see various shots of harsh terrain from around the world, mountains, ice, and a famous hairpin turn from the Circuit de Monaco street race. These drivers take a red Cadillac ATS on all these tough driving terrains, all around the world. It’s a pretty fun ad actually.

More About Artist & Song in Commercial

What do I say about Karen O? I find her to be so incredibly talented. Who is Karen O? She is the lead singer for the band: The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. Their song “Phenomenon” is featured in this ad. The song originally debuted on their 2006 Album “Show Your Bones.” The album is available for free if you’re an Rdio member. Unfortunately there is no official music video for the song, so here is a Youtube video featuring still photos where you can at least hear the song.

Song Lyrics in Commercial

You’re something like a phenomena
Something like an astronoma
Roll kid, rock your body off

Something like a phenomena, baby
You’re gonna get your body off

Don’t fall asleep with the motor on
She’ll make you sweat in the water

Ad Dialogue

  • This is unbelievable. We’re in the Moroccan Sahara Desert. We’re in the middle of a sandstorm.
  • I’ve thrown myself into the deep end of something very new to me, but that’s part of what an adventure is, you don’t know what’s going to happen. This is why we came, this is why we chose this road. We’re here now. This is really going to test us on all levels.
  • We’re doing this. This is actually starting to feel real now.
  • It’s hairy out there. Have you seen this road we’re going down? You’re all clear. You’re all clear. Copy that. Here we go. And move out now.
  • We’re going as fast as we can without taking this thing off the side of a cliff.
  • We’re in Patagonia. It’s like Armageddon outside. Didn’t it feel like we were being shot at?
  • The Monaco Grand Prix circuit. No room for error out here.
  • I can’t believe I’ve ended the day not scraping some red paint off on these barriers.
  • The Guoliang Tunnel in China. People have dug this out by hand.
  • These jagged rock walls will make a mess out of that car.
  • We’ve been taking this car and driving all over the world, testing different environments.
  • This is an adventurer’s dream… a driver’s dream.
  • I’m still pinching myself like, did this really happen?

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