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Artist: Neon Trees
Song: Everybody Talks

Everybody Talks - Everybody Talks - Single

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Buick Verano Commercial Description

Commercial for the 2012 Bick Verano car, featuring Pandora streaming music. Their claim is that your music follows you wherever you go, and to demonstrate that, the driver has a line of bands in tour busses following her. The woman goes into the dry cleaners, and the tour bus with the band Neon Trees is outside waiting for her, along with a country band, a classical ensemble, and hooded monks. The woman gets back in her Buick Verano, turns on Pandora and selects the song “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees. At that point, the band in the tour bus starts performing the song as the tour bus follows her.

About Artist & Song

Neon Trees is a band that formed in Provo, Utah who’s first nationwide exposure was opening for The Killers in 2008. The name “Neon Trees” was inspired by the lit trees that are outside of In-N-Out Burger. All of the members of the band are actually members of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The single “Everybody Talks” is from their second album “Picture Show”. Below is the official music video for the song Everybody Talks.

Dialogue in Ad

Neon Trees Singer: Hey Eddie, where’s she going now?
Eddie: Looks like the dry cleaner.
Country band: The dry cleaner.
Classical ensemble: The dry cleaner.
Chanting hooded monks: Dry cleaner.
Eddie: You guys are on.
Classical ensemble: I can’t believe she is listening to that noise.

Voiceover Says

The all new Buick Verano, gives you Pandora Music streaming. Unexpected technology that lets your favorite music go wherever you go.

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