Budweiser Beer Commercial – Rescue Dog 2012

Artist: Kosha Dillz
Song: Cellular Phone

Cellular Phone - Cellular Phone -(Weego Theme Song)  Single

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More About Artist & Song in Commercial

Song in Budweiser Commercial - Cellular PhoneKosha Dillz is an interesting man. He isn’t your typical hip-hop performer. His real name is Rami Matan Even-Esh. He is a Jewish-Israeli-American hip-hop artist from New Jersey, based out of Los Angeles. He claims that his first exposure to hip hop was at Bar Mitzva’s. Kosha graduated from Rutgers University with a creative writing degree. Since then, he’s toured with the likes of Ghostface Killah, Snoop Dogg, Yak Ballz and he played South By Southwest in 2010. One more interesting thing about Dillz is that in the video game NBA 2K11, you can actually play as him. The song Cellular Phone is from his album “Beverly Dills.” The album is available to listen to on Rdio.

Here is the music video for the song Cellular Phone by Kosha Dillz:

Budweiser Beer Commercial Description

2012 Budweiser Beer Super Bowl commercial featuring a dog who’s so ugly, it’s pretty darn cute. The dog’s name is Weego, who is apparently a rescue dog. Weego the rescue dog starts out the commercial by bringing his new owner a Bud Light beer. Anytime someone says “Here Weego” (or here we go), the dog runs into the house and retrieves a Bud Light beer. He does it for the whole party. A large group walks in, the guy says “here we go!” and Weego the dog rolls in a keg of beer by balancing on it. At the end, Weego the dog floats by on a raft.

There was a teaser for this commercial before the Super Bowl happened, titled “Meet your new best friend”:

Song Lyrics Used

Knick-knack paddy-wack give a dog a bone
Knick-Knack paddy-wack give a dog a bone


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