Bud Light Lime Commercial – With A Twist

Artist: Peter Bjorn & John
Song: Second Chance

Second Chance - Gimme Some

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Bud Light Lime Commercial Description

2011 Bud Light Lime beer commercial starts out with two guys walking into a convenience store, presumably to buy beer. One man opens the refrigerator door, which is stocked exclusively with Bud Light Lime. They take a 6 pack and set it on the convenience store counter. The bottom half of the screen rotates, or twists, and becomes a beach scene. The guys have shorts and flip flops on. The left side of the screen rotates, or twists, replacing the convenience store cashier with a female bartender, and a beautiful bikini girl. The top right of the screen rotates, which turns the whole scene into the beach bar scene. The right side of the scene flips, and we see an ice bucket full of bud light lime beer, and another bikini girl. So there is now a bikini girl for each guy.

Text On Screen
It’s Bud Light With A Twist

Voiceover Says
When you’re looking for a twist, crack open a Bud Light Lime. The great taste of Bud Light, with a twist. All the refreshment of Bud Light, with a splash of 100% natural lime flavor. Bud Light Lime, it’s Bud Light, with a twist.

Song Lyrics

It’s a fraction of the hope but it’s hard to control
I, I get this straight

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