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Song In BMW Commercial - Move On by Riccitelli - On

Check out the song, “Move On” by Riccitelli which was featured in the 2012 BMW X1 commercial. Click to view it on Amazon.

Artist: Riccitelli
Song in Commercial: Move On

Move On - Move On - Single

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BMW Commercial Description

Summer 2012 ad for the 2013 BMW X1 car. I’m not sure if they consider it a car, SUV, crossover, or since it’s BMW: an ultimate driving machine. Anyway, we see someone parachuting down, then a shot of the BMW car driving, next we see someone parasurfing on the ocean. Followed by more shots of the BMW driving. Then more shots of surfing, mountain biking, and sand-surfing. This commercial stinks, except for the song. The almost screw up the song even, can you pick out the sloppy edit they do?

More About Artist & Song in Commercial

Patrick Riccitelli performs under the name “Riccitelli”. Unfortunately there isn’t much more info out there about the guy. If you know more about Riccitelli, I’d like to hear it, please let me know in the comments. What I do know is that he hasn’t released much material, but the song “Move On”, that was used in the BMW commercial and is available as a single on iTunes and Amazon. If you’d like to preview the song in it’s entirety, just look below.

Song Lyrics Used

Sweet laughter from mine
Try bones I gotta move on

Voiceover Says

Utility. Performance. Fuel efficiency. All with a little extra room for your personality. Become one with the all-new BMW X1. We only make one thing. The Ultimate driving machine.

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