Blackberry Bold Commercial: Neon Bikes

Artist: Cliff Martinez
Song In Commercial: Bride of Deluxe

Bride of Deluxe - Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Blackberry Bold Commercial Description

2011 Blackberry Bold commercial, some people set up a meeting, using their Blackberry Bold phones. The ad starts with a text message conversation that says:

Ben Scott:
Finally! Perfect Night.

Jake Davies
We’re on. Be there in ten.

After that. We see someone riding a glowing neon bicycle on the street at night. After that, we see the Blackberry Bold screen again, and it says “Catch you at the junction”, on that message, there is a map, with a big group of other people that are apparently going to meet up. We see him riding his blue glowing bike down the street. He updates his Facebook status to say “Waiting for the Night Bike”. All of the sudden, a large group of bikers cross the street, all riding different color glowing bikes. Those bikes are actually pretty awesome. When I was reading through Youtube comments on this Blackberry commercial, the general consensus was: “Forget the phone, I want one of those bikes!”

If you like this song at all, I’m pretty sure you will like the album. This song is one of the songs off of the soundtrack for the movie Drive.

Voiceover Says
Be Bold. Introducing the new Blackberry Bold.

Song Lyrics Used

No song lyrics in this commercial.

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