Bing Commercial Song 2011: Decide To Do Something

Artist: Lykke Li
Bing Commercial Song: Dance, Dance, Dance

Dance, Dance, Dance - Youth Novels (Special Edition)

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Bing Commercial Description

2011 commercial for Bing. The song that plays is by Lykke Li, a Swedish singer. The ad shows a bunch of good looking people getting together and fixing up the outside of a house. The text that shows up in different scenes of the commercial is:

We decided to tackle the local eyesore
We decided to rent a truck from the place ted likes
Decided on plants from the place Sara likes
And decided on to kick back and enjoy the view

Voiceover Says
Now when you search on Bing. Your friends on Facebook help you decide.

Bing Commercial Song Lyrics Used

Having troubles telling how I feel
But I can dance, dance and dance
dance dance dance


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