Bing Commercial Song – 2012 Bobby Brown Skiing

Artist: Wiz Khalifa
Bing Commercial Song: Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass - Flight School

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Song in Bing Commercial Description

2012 Bing commercial featuring the freestyle skier Bobby Brown. The commercial shows him skiing of course, doing ridiculous jumps, and skiing backwards down a hill. We see someone holding a sign that says “Beck hearts Bobby”. Next, he is using Bing on his phone to lookup the search phrase “trampoline training”, followed by Brown using a trampoline to test his jumps. We then see him doing those same jumps while skiing.

Commercial Voiceover Says

I’m Bobby Brown and I go big. I wanna be a sports icon. I wanna be that person who sparks an interest in the sport. I feel like skiing hasn’t reached that level yet. Sometimes you’ve just gotta go for it.

Text On Screen

bing is for doing

More About Artist & Bing Commercial Song

Bing Commercial Song Wiz KhalifaThe Bing commercial song is called “Boarding Pass”. It was originally on Wiz Khalifa’s album “Flight School” that he recorded while he was waiting for the record label to release his debut album. Warner Brothers eventually dropped him before they even released an album, so he eventually signed with Atlantic records, where he released his debut album “Rolling Papers”. Wiz Khalifa’s real name is actually cameron Jibril Thomaz. He is friends with Snoop Dogg and has enough tattoos to seemingly cover his entire body.

Normally when I post videos, I try to post 100% legal content from Youtube. Also, I try to produce an actual video. However, with this song, there doesn’t appear to be a music video, and there are about 50 copies “song only versions” of it on Youtube.

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