Bacardi Commercial "The Original Mojito"

Artist: Matt and Kim
Song: Daylight

Matt & Kim - Grand - Daylight
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Bacardi Commercial Description

A man has a Bacardi mojito in his hand, then puts down his glass and walks through a party with people dancing hand having fun, walks through to several different rooms where the parties appear to be taking place in different decades (70’s, 60’s, 50’s, etc) going back to the 1860’s.

Voiceover Says:
Since 1862, the best mojitos have always been made the same way. Bacardi: The original mojito.

Ad copy:
Bacardi: The original mojito.

Song Lyrics Used In Ad

we cut the legs off of our pants
threw our shoes into the ocean
sit back and wave through the daylight
sit back and wave through the daylight

and in the daylight we can hitchhike to maine
i hope that someday i’ll see without these frames
and in the daylight i don’t pick up my phone
cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home

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