Bacardi Commercial – 150th Anniversary Party

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Artist: Parov Stelar
Song: Chambermaid Swing

Chambermaid Swing - Charleston Butterfly - EP

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Bacardi Ad Description

2012 tv ad for Bacardi rum called “The Party Circa 1957”, is set in well…. a party in 1957. We see beautiful, glamorous people dressed up, at a party dancing and having a good time. And of course, they’re drinking Bacardi rum, and mojitos. The song playing reminds me of the cantina song used in the movie Star Wars. Am I alone in this?

Voiceover Says
150 yeas of starting parties

More About Artist & Song

This is one of those songs that I just assumed everybody knew. Only because it’s just so darn cool. Chambermaid Swing is from Parov Stelar’s 2006 album called “Charleston Butterfly“. Parov Stelar is an Austrian musician and DJ. His sound was unique enough where people started classifying his music in a new genre called: Electro Swing. The song in this ad is probably a perfect example of why his music is classified in that new genre. Parov Stelar has had music featured in other commercials as well. Below, I’ll post an ad for Las Vegas that has a memorable song.

But first, here is the full version of the song “Chambermaid Swing” by Parov Stelar:

And here is another ad that his music was featured in (the song is called “Booty Swing”)

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  1. Patrick Mogianesi
    June 4, 2012 at 8:20 pm #

    I knew it was Parov Stelar, but I was stumped on what song it was, but I knew it sounded familiar in the commercial. Thanks for bringing this up to light.

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