Axe Shower Gel "The Dirtier You Get" Beach Ad

Song in Commercial: The Wash
Artist: Brenda & The Tabulations

The Wash - Dry Your Eyes

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Ad Description

Your typical fun Axe Body Wash TV commercial. This 2011 ad is a beach commercial featuring a guy giving himself a shower at the beach with Axe Body Wash. It cuts back and forth to beautiful girls mimicking his washing routine. At one point, he tries to get the girls to take their bikini tops off, surprise surprise, they don’t.

Since he’s washing himself at the beach, it makes sense that the song featured in the commercial is called: The Wash, by Brenda and the Tabulations .

Voiceover Says

New Axe Shower Gel with improved new fragrances. The cleaner you are, the dirtier you get.

Lyrics Used in Commercial

Come on everybody and gather ’round
we gotta new dance that we’re putting down
it’s not the monkey and it’s not the jerk
this is a dance that will make you work
it’s called the wash
come on people do the wash
now now people do the wash

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