Axe Instinct – Power of Leather Commercial

Song: Look Good In Leather
Artist: Cody Chestnutt

Cody ChesnuTT - The Headphone Masterpiece - Look Good In Leather

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Ad Description

Claymation TV commercial for Axe Instinct body spray features animated clay cave-men and cave-women. The cave-men are trying to impress the cave-women. One of the cavemen puts tar in his hair to slick it back and rides a wolly mammoth like a motorcycle after taking the teeth of a sabre toothed tiger.

Song Lyrics Used In Commercial

I can do anything I want
Because I look good in leather
I can talk any kind of talk
Because I look good in leather

And I know you wish that you could look like me

Look good in leather
Look good in leather

Text On Screen

The Power Of Leather

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