Axe Anarchy Body Spray Commercial – Unleash The Chaos

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Check out the song on

Artist: Elvis Presley
Song in Commercial: Can’t Help Falling In Love

Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis: 30 #1 Hits

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More About Song in Commercial

I would be surprised if anyone with an internet connection can’t identify the song “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. I almost didn’t even do a post about it. But there are some interesting things about this song. The version that most people are familiar with was sung by Elvis Presley in 1961. It was a B-side to the song “Rock-A-Hula Baby”. That’s crazy that one of the most known, and memorable songs of all time was released as a B-side.

This song was written by Hugo Peretti, George David Weiss, and Luigi Creatore. But, did you know that the melody is ripped off? Well not really ripped off, but it’s based off of another song. The writers admit that the melody was inspired byt a beautiful French song called “Plaisir d’Amour”. The time signature of the two songs is different, but the melodies are awfully similar. I don’t really think the song is a “rip off” of the original 1780 piece, it was inspired by it. But I find it fascinating. Listen for yourself:

Axe Anarchy Commercial Description

2012 commercial for Axe Anarchy body spray. I’ll give the description, but it’s pretty literal. You can actually skip to the next paragraph if you’ve already watched the commercial. (Deep breath!) Rooftop cafe, a man and woman who are sitting at different tables exchange intense glances and scoot next to each other, which knocks a flower pot off of the ledge down several stories to the sidewalk. A beautiful woman steps over this broken pot and looks at a waiter, who drops his plates. They walk up to each other and stare into each others eyes. A motorcyclist sees her, he jumps off of his motorcycle, and stands between them, gazing into her eyes. His motorcycle drives off and shatters a shop window of a pet store. This causes birds to fly everywhere, and the shopkeeper runs outside only to see a beautiful nurse, they lock eyes while she forgets her patient in a wheelchair, who rolls off forgotten into traffic, which causes a multi car accident, including bus rolling. One of the people in the accident is a beautiful woman, who locks eyes with a man who is also in his car. A statue head rolls down the sidewalk, which was hit by a car, so people are trying to get out of the way. The bus that is on it’s sids has a group of attractive volleyball player girls in uniform escaping from the windows of the bus. They all come face to face with different men, locking intense gazes, while there is utter chaos in the background, fires, car accidents, etc. At the end of the Axe Anarchy commercial we see a man viewing the city from afar, painting a landscape of it, while we see helicopters flying towards the city to help end the anarchy.

There is one thing I notice that is different about this Axe commercial than previous ones. It’s probably because they are advertising a fragrance for men and women. Ordinarily in their commercials, we see a scruffy, not-so-great looking guy who is pretty relatable to the average male, who is being fawned over by supermodel caliber women. This ad, features both attractive women and men. I suspect that this is false advertising though. I’ve sprayed that stuff on me, and not one single supermodel tried to molest me. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Here is another version of the nearly identical Axe commercial, except this time, the music is different. This is the commercial used in Spanish speaking countries:

Artist: Katie Lee
Song in Commercial: It Must Be Something Psychological

It Must Be Something Psychological - Songs of Couch and Consultation

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