Audi A3 TDI Green Car Super Bowl Commercial

Artist: Cheap Trick
Song: The Dream Police

Cheap Trick - Authorized Greatest Hits - Dream Police

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Commercial Description

TV ad for the 2010 Audi A3 TDI Diesel. This is the commercial featured in the 2010 Superbowl. The green police are in full force enforcing their own green laws.  They go from place to place arresting people for not recycling properly but when they see an Audi A3 they let him pass because it’s the green car of the year

Cashier says:
Ok so it’s 37.08 paper or plastic?

Guy buying groceries says:

Green Police says:
That’s the magic word, green police.  You picked the wrong day to mess with the eco system plastic boy.
Battery (in the trash), let’s go take the house.  Put the rhine down, sir that’s a compost inversion
Wo ho, did you install these bulbs?

Home owner says:

Local News radio voice:
Tragedy strikes tonight where a man has just been arrested for possession of an incandescent light bulb.

The green police:
What do you guys think about plastic bottles now?
The water setting is at 105
We got a TDI here, clean diesel.  Your good to go sir!
Good afternoon officers, are those foam cups your drinking from?


Green Police:
Please step out of the car and put them on the hood.

Ad Copy (text)

Green has never felt so right
Green car of the year.  Audi A3 TDI clean diesel
Audi Truth in Engineering

Song Lyrics Used in the Commercial

The green police, they live inside of my head
The Green Police, they come to me in my bed
THe Green Police, they’re coming to arrest me, oh no
You know that talk is cheap, and those rumors ain’t nice.
And when I fall asleep I don’t think I’ll survive the night , the night.  Cause they’re waiting for me, they’re looking for me.

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