Apple iPod Touch 2012 "Share The Fun" Commercial

Artist: Grouplove
Song: Tongue Tied

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iPod Commercial Description

2011 Apple iPod Touch TV Commercial, with a typical Apple-esque white background, and an upbeat song, featuring hip teenagers sharing and interacting with each other on their iPod Touches. At the beginning one of them tests “Wanna Play?”. The next one texts “Bring it!”, they then play a football game on their iPod Touches. We then see more teens taking and sharing photos on their iPods and singing along to the song playing in the commercial.

Online, I keep hearing this song referred to as the “Take me to your best friends house” song.

Tagline Says
Share The Fun

Song Lyrics Used In Apple Commercial

Take me to your best friend’s house
I loved you then and I love you now
Oh yeah

Don’t take me tongue tied

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