Apple iPod Nano "Nano-Chromatic" TV Commercial

Song: Bruises
Artist: Chairlift

Chairlift - Does You Inspire You - Bruises

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Ad Description

2008 ad featuring the 4th generation Apple iPod Nano. We see a white background, and then iPod Nanos start floating in. Each Nano is a different color: pink, green, black , orange, blue, silver, red, yellow, purple. We see each iPod standing up next to one another, side-by-side. Paint that matches each iPod starts to drip down from each Nano.

Lyrics Used in Commercial

I tried to do hand stands for you.
I tried to do hand stands for you.
Every time I fell on you.
Every time I fell for you.
For you.

Text On Screen

“Nano Chromatic”

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