Apple iPod Nano 2009 "Nano Shoots Video" TV Commercial

Artist: Miss Li
Song: Bourgeois Shangri

Miss Li - Dancing the Whole Way Home - Bourgeois Shangri-La

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Ad Description

Fall/Winter 2009 Apple iPod Nano tv ad shows various people wearing colorful outfits dancing and a video of the dancer is being shot by an iPod Nano that happens to be the same color as the dancer’s outfit. We can see the iPod screen and the person dancing.

Text on the screen at the end of the ad says:

Nano Shoots

Song Lyrics Used in Nano Commercial

Got a feeling that I don’t belong
Got a feeling that I shouldn’t be here
Can’t stand another single day
I gotta get away

Vacation and barbecue
Small talking and nothing to do
A bourgeois shangri-La
I gotta get away

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