Apple iPhone 4S Commercial w/ Siri & Zooey Deschanel

Song in Apple Siri Zooey Commercial - Shake Rattle and Roll

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Artist: Big Joe Turner
Song: Shake, Rattle and Roll

Shake, Rattle and Roll - Greatest Hits

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Apple iPhone Commercial Description

2012 Apple commercial featuring the iPhone 4S with Siri technology has adorable actress/singer Zooey Deschanel at home in her pink pajamas. She asks Siri if it’s raining, and decides she doesn’t want to go out, so she has Siri check on places that have tomato soup for delivery. Zooey looks around the room and has Siri set a reminder to clean the place….tomorrow. She then has Siri play the song “Shake Rattle & Roll” by Big Joe Turner (NOT the Bill Haley & His Comets version), and presumably spends the rest of the day dancing.

Dialogue in Ad

Zooey: “Is that rain?”
Siri: “Yes it appears to be raining.”
Zooey: “Oh, lets get tomato soup delivered.”
Siri: “I found a number of restaurants whose reviews mention tomato soup that deliver.”
Zooey: “Good. Because I don’t want to put on real shoes…..remind me to clean up, tomorrow.”
Zooey: “OK, I’ll remind you.”
Siri: “Excellent. Today we’re dancing. Play: Shake, Rattle & Roll.”

About Artist & Song

The song “Shake Rattle & Roll” that most people know today was by Bill Haley & His Comets. However, there was a version recorded earlier by Big Joe Turner. This version is definitely more sexual & risqué, there are several lines that are used in this version like: “I’ve been holdin’ it in, way down underneath / You make me roll my eyes, baby, make me grit my teeth“. He sort of mumbles “holdin’ it in” because it’s likely that even this would’ve been considered too risque’ to be released. Oh, and if you didn’t know, the phrase “Shake Rattle & Roll” is a euphemism for sexual intercourse. Later, the Bill Haley version of the song, was sanitized a bit, which is probably one small reason why it appealed to a wider market.

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