Apple iPhone 4 FaceTime Commercial

Artist:  Louis Armstrong
Song:  When You’re Smiling


Commercial Description

2010 Apple iPhone 4th generation ad starts with a mother and her baby talking on the new iPhone 4G using FaceTime to video chat with the babies father.  The father begins watching his little girl grow up as she gets older in each segment.  An old couple watches their granddaughter in her graduation uniform.  Two girls video chat so the one friend can help the other find something to wear all over the iPhone 4G using FaceTime.  A man that is in the military is watching his child be born over FaceTime.  Another couple is using sign language to each other.

Lyrics Used in Commercial

Oh when you smiling
When your smiling
The whole world smiles with you baby
Yes when your laughing
Oh when your laughing
yes the sun comes shinning through
But when your crying
You bring on the rain
So stop your sighing baby
And be happy again
Yes and keep on smiling
Keep on smiling
And I the whole world smiles for you

Ad Copy


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