Apple iPad Commercial: iPad Is…

Artist: Chilly Gonzales
Song In Commercial: Never Stop

Never Stop - EP - Gonzales

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iPad Commercial Description

2010 TV commercial for the Apple iPad, from the “iPad Is….” campaign. The ad shows someone using a series of apps to do different things. We see apps that:

  • View recipes
  • Browse the news
  • Do a math problem on a chalkboard
  • Play the game “Fruit Ninja”
  • Read books from the iBooks store
  • Paint a portrait
  • Use Twitter
  • Make a proposal
  • View science stuff
  • View star maps

Text On Screen Says
iPad is:

  • delicious
  • current
  • learning
  • playful
  • literally
  • artful
  • friendly
  • productive
  • scientific
  • magical
  • iPad

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