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Artist: The Submarines
Song: Fire

Fire - Love Notes/Letter Bombs (Deluxe Edition)

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Kindle Commercial Description

2012 commercial for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet starts out with a woman opening the box for her new Kindle Fire. Then we see a man using it in a train station, holding it up. Next to the Kindle, the phrase “light your fire” appears. Next we see a man on a park bench using his Kindle Fire to read Maxim magazine. After this, we see various quick shots of different people using their Kindle Fires to view Twitter, watch videos, read magazines, and play games.

More About Artist & Song

That is one catchy song. The Submarines are pretty good at performing a sad song that sounds really happy. They’re an indie pop duo from Los Angeles, California. The lead signer is a girl named Blake Hazard and the other half of the duo is named John Dragonetti. The two were originally introduced in Boston, they were solo artists. They eventually began a romantic and musical partnership, which lasted for for years. During that time they toured Europe and played around the United States. Eventually, the couple moved to L.A. and finally broke up. However, Blake still did some recording in John’s home studio, and eventually realized that the both of them had been writing sad songs about one another. Eventually they recorded these songs together, and the final master of the album was actually given to the couple as their wedding present. How cool is that?

Here is the official music video for the song “Fire” by The Submarines:

Voiceover Says

Kindle Fire. Only $199 for entertainment, web, games, reader and more.

Song Lyrics Used

Stop talking
I can’t wait
No need to say the right thing
Can you see me now?
Can you hear me now?
The fire next (can you see me now) time we meet (can you hear me now)
You always say the right thing

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