Amazon Kindle Fire Commercial: 2011 Dad & Daughter

Artist: The Black Atlantic
Song In Commercial: Dandelion

Dandelion - Reverence for Fallen Trees

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Kindle Commercial Description

2011 Amazon Kindle Fire commercial, for the new Kindle Fire. The commercial starts out with a young girl looking out the window of her house to see a UPS truck pulling up. She gets excited to see the UPS driver walking up the sidewalk, with a box from Amazon in his hand. She runs down the stairs, jumps over the dog, runs to the door, takes the Amazon box, sits down and opens it. Inside is a Kindle Fire. She and her dad browse the Kindle Fire, we see them looking through a Dora The Explorer book.

Voiceover Says
For years we’ve been placing the things you love at your doorstep. Now, we’re placing them at your fingertips. Introducing Kindle Fire. A Kindle for movies, music, web browsing, apps, games, and of course: reading. Kindle Fire.

Text On Screen Says:
Kindle Fire


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