Amazon Kindle Fire Commercial “At Your Fingertips”

Artist: Givers
Song In Commercial: Atlantic

Atlantic - In LightUnlimited Music, Everywhere. Try Rdio for Free.

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Kindle Commercial Description

2011 tv commercial for the Amazon Kindle Fire shows a beautiful brunette woman walking down a city sidewalk to her townhouse. She sees an Amazon box on the doorstep, that has a Kindle Fire in it. She sits on the steps, unpacks the Kindle Fire and plays with it.

Voiceover Says
For years we’ve been placing the things you love at your doorstep. Now we’re placing them at your fingertips.Introducing Kindle Fire. A kindle for movies, music, apps, games, web browsing, and of course reading. Kindle Fire.

Song Lyrics Used

wo-oah wo-oah wo-oah wo-oah

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