Adidas AdiColor Commercial featuring B.o.B.

Artist: B.o.B.
Song In Commercial: Epic (feat. Meek Mill & Playboy Tre)

Epic (feat. Meek Mill & Playboy Tre) - We Run This, Vol. 8

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Adidas Commercial Description

2011 commercial for Champs Sports, highlighting the Adidas “Adicolor” shoes, featuring the rapper B.O.B.

Song Lyrics Used

You know who it is without a doubt of hesitation
If money talks I got my masters in communication
But I don’t punt it, I run it for a hundred
Ever since I was a young ‘un, been hungry as Paul Bunyon

I’m the **** so fix the plumbing
I’ma beast and the game’s you
And if this ain’t what you call hip-hop it must be bungee jumping

Eastside on my arm, 3 stripes on my sneakers
And even if they slip us, they’d better be Adidas

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