5 Hour Energy Drink Commercial – Fix The Tired

Artist: Boo Boo Davis
Song in Commercial: I’m So Tired

I'm So Tired - Name of the Game

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5 Hour Energy Drink Commercial Description

2011 commercial for 5-Hour Energy where we see a bunch of tired people at work trying to stay awake. We see people working/sleeping at a tv studio, a landscaper with a pile of dirt, a woman in an office being handed a stack of files, a man working at a hardware store, a man in a locker room, and a warehouse. All of the people are sleepy, but they all take a 5-Hour Energy drink and then they all have more energy. These 5-Hour Energy commercials are a little depressing, worker-bees trudging along at a job, needing chemicals to get through the day.

Text On Screen
Provides a feeling of alertness and energy. Does not provide caloric energy. Not prove to improve physical performance, dexterity or endurance.
5-Hour Energy
Fix The tired

Voiceover Says
Tired sucks. Not end of a long day tired, but middle of the day. Places to go, things to do, deadlines to meet. All I wanna do is close my eyes tired. 5 Hour Energy fixes tired, fast. One shot, back to work, problem solved. 5 Hour Energy, fix the tired.

Commercial Song Lyrics

Ooaah I’m so tired now
I’m so tired

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