2012 Toyota Prius V Car Commercial "More Efficient"

Artist: Fabienne Delsol
Song in Comercial: Come Along

Come Along - Between You and Me

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Prius Commercial Description

Commercial for the 2012 Toyota Prius V hybrid car. This is part of a series of Toyota Prius commercials that are full of bright colors with upbeat catchy songs. This one is called “More Efficient”. The ad shows various scenes with people loading things in and out of the trunk of a Prius, basically showing off how much stuff you can load into a Toyota Prius, versus an SUV.

Song Lyrics Used In Ad
Oh come along
come along
baby baby come along
baby baby come along with me

I love you and I need you
just to hug and squeeze you
baby why can’t you see

I love you all the while
to see me smile
set my heart at ease

Oh baby can’t you see how
much you mean to me
baby baby come along with me

Voiceover Says
The newest member of the Prius family has the space of a small SUV, and the fuel efficiency of a Prius. The all new Prius V from Toyota. More Prius, more possibilities.


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