2012 Honda Civic Car Commercial – It’s Good To Be A Zombie

Artist: The Virgins
Song in Commercial: One Week of Danger

One Week of Danger - The Virgins

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Honda Civic Commercial Description

Honda Civic Car commercial from Honda’s “To Each Their Own” campaign. This commercial features a business zombie. We see him driving his Honda Civic car, bobbing his head to the music. Next we see him playing golf with a couple of friends. He swings the club, and his arms fall off. I guess they put the arms back on because he drives his friends from the golf course in his Honda Civic. Next we see him at a bar, signaling for some ladies to call him.

Voiceover Says
The next generation Civic sedan. To each their own, only from Honda

Song Lyrics Used

We’re best friends
We hold hands
We’re in love
You’re my man
Darling, no
That’s not me
I’m a ghost
In the sheets
Well is there something that you like about her?

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